Like everything in my life it seems like I’ve missed the boat again and didn’t notice that the Wakarahen Blog shut down sometime in October. It seems the Internet finally caught up to one of the best writers of Japan Blog-sphere. The Korean obsessed, femme fatale foreigner based out of Osaka had an amazing writing style that made the most tired, heartbreak relationship cliche into a can’t-take-my-eyes-off-this-post blog. Of course it probably didn’t hurt that she wrote about sex … a lot. As you can see here from the proof the Internet never erases your secrets, The WayBack Machine:

Portions of this have been removed due to Cailin Arena (the original author) having US copyrights to the material.  See the drama unfold elsewhere.

She did a guest post for GaijinAss a while back before her blog really took off. The last I read of her was that someone went to the trouble of finding her favorite bar and trying to discover her true identity. Then she had some sort of respectable job so who knows what happened to her. I only hope everything is OK and she’ll emerge somewhere online.

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