For years I’d have British friends visit the UK and complain about how “hoodies” have taken over the streets and basically destroyed the UK. I brushed off these observations as complaints of men who fear the new young generation, just like their parent’s generation feared them. Even the British movies portray these new hoods as something to fear but still I thought it was just exaggerated movie drama but looking at the ongoing riots around the UK there must be something there. So in the spirit of I should have known better here are some movies that I should have heeded.
Harry Brown

Harry Brown

Michael Caine plays an elderly pensioner living in the estates (the British version of the ghetto).  His old time friend is killed by young thugs after he tried to confront them about their behaviour (Which just happened to a pensioner in real life).  After Caine’s character loses his friend the loss brings back his long forgotten military training as he gets revenge with his own brand of vigilante justice.   The movie climaxes when the youth start a riot in response to police action but really all I should be saying for this movie is Michael FUCKING Caine!

For Queen and Country

For Queen and Country

This oldie but a goodie stars a young Denzel Washington putting on a British accent and kicking ass in old school London. Looks more into what causes the violence on the estate and how the bobbies deal with it.   The movie portrays the youth of the estates as basically militia soldiers who when forced against a wall by police action resort to making legitimate weapons out of whatever garbage is lying around.  Released in 1989 the movie still has relevance today and you could substitute Denzel’s character military experience with any of the present conflicts that the UK is involved in today.Which brings us to our next movie:

The Veteran (2011)

The main character in 2011’s The Veteran was an up and coming military black ops man who had experience in the world worst hot spots. Becoming disillusioned with his life he quits the military and returns to his flat in the estates only to find a different sort of war. More of a terrorist, conspiracy, thriller movie the film still takes place in the ghetto and you get that one man against the ghetto hoodies feel. I’m not sure if this movie got an American release yet or even if it did well in the UK which would be a travesty as this was one of the action movies that got lost in the big blockbusters this year.

These are just off the top of my head but if you’ve got some more let me know!

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