The 7 Kinkiest films of all time (fetishes explained!) Continued

3.I Stand Alone 

Director: Gaspar Noé

Starring: Philippe NahonBlandine LenoirFrankie PainMartine AudrainJean-François Rauger 

Gasper Noe, the master of happy.  He’s the next Walt Disney.

In the opening scenes of his now infamous film Irreversible , Noe shows us two men talking, one of which is naked.  This man is Philippe Nahon and he is the main character of an epic that delves deeply into how horrid one man can be.

This “epic” is I stand Alone.

Essentially the main character is an out of work butcher, who lives with a fat chick and her annoying mother and has a daughter from a previous marriage that is institutionalized, because he killed a man he mistakenly thought had molested her.

A large part of this movie is just the protagonist wandering around and us listening to his repetitive, trite and often ridiculous inner monologue.  Then, the end of the movie comes alive and things get really nasty.

Let me warn you: this guy, the protagonist, is a piece of shit.  If you like movies about heroes, avoid this film.  I personally love romantic comedies, so well, Jerry Maguire this movie is not.

The KINK explained…

At the end of the film, the old gross man molests, and has sex with, his daughter.  Incest is a sexual fetish in which one has strong sexual feelings for a relative.  It often coincides with either estrangement from said relative, prior sexual abuse by a different relative or both.

“You had me at incest, molestation and prior sexual abuse….”

Along with that again Japan’s favorite fetish Ephepophilia or, sexual attraction to someone who has just finished puberty is front and center.

I’m making no bones about it, this is a nasty movie and one that ruins itself in an attempt to be overly shocking. This is no A Clockwork Orange, though it thinks it is.  It’s simply a kinky and violent film made by a man that has carved his name out of the rock by making extremely kinky and violent films.  That’s it. Watch at your own risk.

2.Pink Flamingos


Director: John Waters

Starring: DivineDavid LocharyMary Vivian PearceMink StoleDanny Mills 

John Waters is a man I can never forgive and Pink Flamingos is the reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet.

It took such an effort for me to type that word “Starring” above.  Because in this “film” nobody stars.  They simply appear on film and exude total filth.

The plot of Pink Flamingos makes less sense than naming your fat daughter “Temptation“, but I can try to sum it up. Take a deep breath and make sure you aren’t near a bible or a Koran or a copy Men’s Health.  Divine, a grotesque transvestite and her son who “loves” chickens, along with his grandmother, a fat woman who lives in a baby bin and wears diapers are in a contest with another couple that dye their hair and kidnap women to impregnate them in their basement.  The contest is for the esteemed title “Filthiest people alive.”

The KINK explained….

If Wikipedia had been in existence in 1972 I would have accused Waters of simply going to this page, and trying to fit everything on it into his “movie”.

There is absolutely everything in this film.



MasochismMysophiliaParaphilic infantilism,

PeodeiktophiliaSadismTransvestic fetishism,

Voyeurism, and finally Zoophilia / Bestiality.

A long and torturous list indeed.  I vomited pretty heavily when I first saw this film in 1996 and I am fairly certain I will again if I don’t stop talking about.


1.Madame O 

Director: Seiichi Fukuda

Starring: Michiko AoyamaAkihiko Kaminara

This movie, oh, sweet Japan.

The bottom line: a 16-year-old girl is gang raped by a group of men and impregnated.  In addition to this horror, she is also given a feisty case of syphilis.  Happy Birthday!

“You had me at Syphilis.”

Later in life, she becomes a succesful doctor, but her past experiences and trauma make it impossible for her to “forget” anything. So by day she searches for a cure, and by night she goes out, seduces guys that she thinks are bad, tortures them, sometimes killing them, but other times taking it easy and simply infecting them with her syphilis via cotton swabs.

It’s really a family movie, actually.

The KINK explained…

Madame O is simply yet ANOTHER Japanese erotica film lying low in the Horror film Genre.

So, what have we really got here?  There is Raptophilia or the fetishism of rape.  Three men rape her on the beach, when she is only 16, knocking her up.  That’s just the beginning! In addition to that, there is a bit of actual and real surgical footage included…can anyone say closet case surgical addiction?!

I can! Latent Body dysmorphic disorder.  But I digress.

It continues as do they all, with things escalating.  The next step is simple enough.  It’s just mild, every day Sadistic sex and murder. Oops…there’s that oh- so-popular Erotophonophilia yet again.

Later it’s really all pure Sadism the HEROINE, yeah, the “lady hero”, tortures guys that she thinks are promiscuous and finally, after marrying, takes her rage out on an unsuspecting husband.

Seriously, watch this film with your Mom or some Christians.  It’s bound to make you popular.

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