As part of our effort to map out the vast number of XXX48 bands in the J-Pop music landscape today we will be talking about SDN48.  All the XXX48 bands are ruled by Yasushi Akimoto a music producer, promoter who decided he needed to break into the adult market by creating the pop group SDN48, Short for Saturday Night 48 (48 being of course the number of women in the group).   SDN48 shows are restricted to fans 18 and older and is what the Japanese musical experts call “mature proto-porn, postgraduation dumping ground of AKB48” aka where members of AKB48 go to either become married to another pop-star or actually join the porn world like former member Rina Nakanishi who was reborn as porn star “Rico Yamaguchi” (やまぐちりこ).

AKB48, SDN48, SKE48 (named after their home at Nagoya’s Sunshine Sakae building), NMB48 (after Namba in Osaka) currently rule the airwaves which would be so very, very sad but for a few bleeps on the Japanese music scape.  Producer Yasushi Akimoto and his ilk have a vise like grip on the music industry but times are changing and like everywhere else the big studios are finding their grip on artists loosening.  For example kind-of-but-not-really punk group Shinsei Kamattechan (神聖かまってちゃん) has blown up totally independent of the Japan’s music industry, and Indie-rock band Andymori (アンディモリ) has also been able to sell albums and crack the Japanese music charts all without the aid of a major label’s shows.  And so on the last day of the year I leave you with a pretty cool stop motion video by Andymori:

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