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Japan’s sex industry is so ingrained into Japanese society that its everywhere. When you take all the different pieces: adult videos, hostess clubs, soap lands, and straight-up brothels they make up the 2nd biggest component of the Japanese economy.  Sex literally runs this country. It’s not only direct connection to sex businesses but there spin off industries like suppliers to the love hotels, or fake business centers that the porn star‘s mother or boyfriend can call so that it appears that the porn star has a normal job. One of these spin off industries are the Host Clubs.

The documentary The Great Happiness Space follows a day in the life of the Hosts that work at Rakkyo Café one of the most popular Host clubs in Osaka. If you don’t know anything about the Host scene the movie is a great intro into the industry but there is nothing new if you’ve learned anything about those strange men that stand on every corner. The men provide emotional support for women who pay huge amounts of money (up to $10,000 on a party night) to get lavished with attention. But as talked about in the movie ordinary women by and large don’t use host clubs. Most of the Host Club customers are in the sex industry and use the men to heal after a night laying on their backs servicing Osaka’s salary men.

There some great insight into the mind of these women when the camera turns on them and they talk about their work. One of them says something like, “we meet men, drink, and then ask if they want to go somewhere alone, we help [Japanese men] forget how shitty their lives are.”

That right there shows how ingrained the industry is in Japan, that these women feel that way and that a whole other industry, the Host Clubs, have sprung up to help these girls mend after being dumped on (in Japan that probably happens literally) by their male customers. One of the hosts in fact talks about how the women don’t actually want sex, as sex is their work. Those that do want sex just want to conquer you and then move on. So you can never accept money for sex as that will mean that the girls won’t come to your club anymore.