I don’t have a lot of time…or…maybe I do.
I have no way to know as the schedule at school (mountain seclusion every hates me school) has been altered but, as is Standard Operating Procedure here, I have not been given a copy of the schedule.

When the bell rang, I waited for a teacher to come meet me but nobody showed so…I sort of sat around, picked my nose a bit, now I am writing a quick post. Any minute someone will, I am sure, burst into this room like a whirl wind and take me away to “teach” for about 10 minutes.


I went to my new school yesterday and all my conspiracy theories involving this school were immediately validated and confirmed. The new school is how a private highschool in Tokyo SHOULD BE. By that, I mean, professional, clean, full of people who speak and do more than mumble and look at the floor when you approach and OH….they have a real honest to goodness copy room. I know…whoopty fuckin doo right? You would be surprised how important copies can become when there is only one functioning machine and THAT machine is in a room that doubles as the intercom control center ala Star Trek circa 1966, lots of corny flashing lights all over. Then, the same room is also used as the official interrogation chamber and holding cell. Bad boys and girls wait here for judgement/execution.

Anyway the new school kicks ass.
Teachers are cool and students seem decent and there are loads of hot Joshi Kosei (Female students) that, I will never ever even contemplate consorting with. It’s just a nice bonus to have that around as opposed to the cast of grimlins I currently am dealing with. “Do NOT feed that bitch after MIDNIGHT!”

Today at the “Branch Davidian” compound up here in the moutains…its just as insane as before. Little has changed. At least its sunny today. I’m wearing a suit…sort of.


Last night, well…yesterday was a long day and I packed it to the damn brim with things to do. After finishing up at the gym I got home at around 2030 and wanted to get the laundry done so it could dry, no I don’t have a dryer and yes I hang my laundry up and so what? Anyway, I put it all in the washing machine and started her up.
Went in my room and was looking around for my Mobile. Took about 1 minute for me to figure it out and I Quantum leaped to the washer, dove inside and retrieved my Mobile from the rear pants pocket of the trousers I had worn that day.
It had been in there just long enough to be submerged.
My initial reaction?


If you know me, then you know there is little I hate more than getting new electronics of any variety. I despise it. I despise it almost as much as internment camps and ethinic cleansing.  I despise it as much as I despise Gay pride parades, or parades in general and that is a lot.  It isn’t that I am anti technology, no not at all, I simply hate the process, the instruction manuals are so fucking pretentious all the time. Also, it isn’t that I am scared of technology either. When skynet finally pops off or I eventually wake up from the Matrix I am all about killing some fucking robots, up close and personal.
I just think I am allergic to new tech maybe?

I took the Phone apart, started on it gently with a hair dryer.

Last night, I could turn it on and access data but got no signal and some buttons were activating functions they shouldnt have been. Today, It just started vibrating, even when it was “turned off”.

Now…if that isn’t the first indicator that a war with Machines is coming, I don’t know what is.
The power was OFF, yet it was vibrating.
I had to take the battery out.

Now…Im phone less.

And honestly…its liberating.

The feeling wont last long though as another phone is en route and I can just change the “Foma card” (read: Sim card in J-lad speak) and I should be up and trading dirty sex pics with ole friends in no time. So nobody panic.

Ok, that’s it for now. I have to go sulk at my desk and maybe go walk by the teacher smoking area and give them all a disgusted look and mutter to myself about “killing the youth” because I am that bored and they all have it coming anyway.