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On December 23rd 2009 Danny Katz released Japanese Satellites. This was his latest effort in the vein on a fairly long list of Folk/pop albums and, it made its own niche.
“Japanese Satellites” plays homage to so much without a real reason yet at the same time displays enough of its own originality and new stuff to be worth listening to more then once.
Let me save you some precious, ohhhh so precious time dear readers.
“But Eric how will you, the long-winded one, do that????”
Simple…ok…Go download Dann’s Album, but ONLY listen to the following songs!

  • Bushwick
  • Sacramento
  • Magnificently Lonely
  • Revival

Thats it.

HAHA…reallly…those songs are the best. “Bushwick” shows off Danny’s range a bit and its nice, bad sadly you don’t get to hear that again n this album. Thats a bummer because his range is pretty good and it plays well.  The next and probably greatest song is “SACRAMENTO”. It’s not all-encompassing at all however, from 2:13 seconds into the song there is a really amazing break down that makes this and about 8 of the other songs on the album worth dealing with. Really, I’ve listened to “Sacramento” now about 10 times, its 0330.  That is what this is all about…I mean, the album.

Essentially you suffer through ALOT of Danny Katz filler to find these nuggets that are literally WHITE HOT.  I mean this is the stuff famous albums are made of.  It’s just an album that has no management.  This album has a few WHITE HOT LYRICAL NUGGETS that make it necessary.  What D/Katz needs is someone who can take his PASSION to the next level and organize his shit. If he finds that, he could quickly find himself selling big albums all over, not only that, he could find himself singing the songs he is TRYIN to sing.

Look, ok…what am I telling you?

AT LEAST get “SACRAMENTO” but I recommend getting the whole album.  It’s that good and it has alot to offer.  I nothing else, people buying it will tell D.Katz to keep making music which I think is something that would be good for everyone.  I kow some of you are people who support the undeground music scene…well…D.Katz  is that in more ways than you can imagine. Just  do the  Muscial good thing here….buy the album.