Forgive forgive forgive…

I have been unable to properly post for over a week because guess what? As lame as it sounds, my internet is down.

My internet situation is brutally complicated. I receive bills for it from three different companies and every 3 or 4 months or so it stops. Tons of fun.

First I have to pay “OCN” which I guess is my provider although I could be wrong.
Next I have to pay Docomo for the actual line itself and the box and whatever else. Then occasionally I get these silly little bills for 400 yen, about 4 dollars, from another division of Docomo or Ntt or something and its all a nightmare.

Of and calling the help line…forget about it. I might as well ring up some random person living Argentina and try and talk to them about the current political situation in Pakistan. Its horrid. Its pure torture. Its ultra-complex. Its Japan.

I know I am a baffoon…but I refuse to beleive its only me suffering here.

Hopefully I can get ahold of someone at one of these companies tonight (doubt it, they close at 3PM) or tomorrow and beg them to please, pretty please turn my internet back on.

Bare with me loyal readers, I am working on it.