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The Brothers Solomon (2007) is a comedy starring the brilliant John (Will Arnett) and Dean (Will Forte) Solomon.  Two sheltered happy-go-lucky brothers (They grew up at the North Pole … don’t ask) who want desperately to awake their father who has slipped into a coma.

Deciding that having a grandson will do the job, the duo set out to find a woman who can give them a baby. Finding “Janine” on Craigslist, the brothers find the woman of their dreams and spend the next nine months, facing romantic and parental challenges (including the baby drop) along the way but these hurdles are no match for their “this-man-in-a-coma-is-half-alive” attitude.

Yosomono says:

Will Arnett is one of the funniest comedians on the silver screen.  Much like his co-star in Will Ferrell Blades of Glory it’s not what he says but just his presence on the screen, Arnett is hilarious.   Watching this movie you can see his comedic genius in a number of scenes but in between those laugh out loud moments are long pauses of joke set ups, juvenile humor and other sagging plot devices which slow the movie down.  What makes this movie great isn’t actually watching the movie but remembering it.  The laugh out loud scenes stick in your mind like time you first felt up a girl and leave you laughing for days afterward.

Gaijinass says:

I am a sucker for a few things: Gay jokes, Idiots, Baby jokes, Racial humor, bagging on the handicapped and the always golden dick-jizz-fart jokes. This movie has em all in spades.
I love this movie.
Arnett is a funny funny bastard and every time I see him in anything I nearly shit a Turkey dinner due to heavily excessive laughter. I think that pairing Arnett with Forte was a very good move. Although I have seen Will Forte on SNL a few times, nothing he ever did really made comedic sense to me. However, in The brothers Solomon his understated gayness really pays off.
This entire film and its premise is absurd. Read the summary above. It becomes clear that its ridiculous in the first 2 minutes and it stays that way. Beware: this is not a thinking mans comedy. It is a series of very silly jokes and absurdity following absurdity that are easy to watch.
To hell with Roper and his cronies. Watch this movie to unwind and laugh.


3 out of 5 Yosomono – The movie itself is lacking but the flashback affect will have you having laughing for days afterward.  That is what makes this movie a must see.

4 out of 5 Gaijinass – When you juxtapose this with other contemporary comedies a 4 is easy enough to hand over. In addition, there are quoteable bits that you and your friends will be bringing back up while drunk or bored for months to come.