gaijinassbanner“Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the old Dunning-Kruger effect, but I’m tired of “experts”, and the politicians who pander to/employ them shaking my hand with their right whilst stealing my wallet with their left.  This is why I felt I would rocket off this quick little reply to Mr. Tom Nichols and his piece on THE FEDERALIST “The Death of Experts”.

"Another victim of the Dumb-Dumb disease; Dunning-Kruger strike again. If only he had stayed in his seat and watched the regularly scheduled programming."
“Another victim of the Dumb-Dumb disease; Dunning-Kruger strikes again. If only he had stayed in his seat and watched the regularly scheduled programming.”

First, I feel as though largely what is going on here is nothing more than a well written whine.  His credentials that he spent years and years obtaining are simply not as impressive as they were thought to be when he set out and this has got someone a bit upset.  I agree that not everyone’s opinions are equal but part of being an”expert” is having a mastery of your subject matter in such a way that allows you to circumvent the standard arguments one encounters when dealing with laymen; the true experts I have known in fields as diverse as plumbing all the way to linguistics can do just this with relative ease.  If he cannot it leaves one asking “why not, Tom?”  All jokes aside your credentials impress.  Is it really that difficult to have a conversation and succinctly arrive at your conclusion in a way that educates without leaving you exhausted?  Maybe you need more fiber.

Look, I’m not a terribly bright guy.  I have a shit degree from an even more shit institution and I can’t seem to find my…oh, where is that…my Mensa membership card…

I seem to have left it in my wallet and we all know where that went. Apologies.

It must be the Dunning-Kruger Effect.  Again.

Moving on, anyone involved in the development of public policy that thinks the public should “largely be spectators” is part of the problem which is endemic to the system that has been slowly failing “laymen” for the last 40 years.  It’s high time we, the “laymen”, ask big and bold questions and I’m not talking about whether or not to get vaccinated.  I have other questions for Jenny like why she’s dating the ugly Wahlberg brother and if I can get a vaccine that will protect me from vacuous blonde cyborg-hookers who promise the world but leave me feeling suspect and confused regarding my unicorn sweatshirt; ironically I think the only person who can give me this shot is Jenny McCarthy.

But I’m not keen on Autism.


This article, like 99% of the media we’re subjected to, avoids all meaningful discourse and discusses things that I do not care about  i.e. Thalidomide and the Challenger accident. He might as well have brought up the African slave trade and the inquisition.

But I have some other more up to date areas where the experts have left us spectators more than a little concerned and a few of them are, but not limited to: the Lehman crash, an economy that has steadily deteriorated for over three decades, the war in Iraq and the dope in Afghanistan, global warming, Fukushima and my retainer not working properly in the latter years of my high school days (I lost it).

“Experts” have let us down, big time and not just in obtuse, one-off by-gone mishaps either but in very real and current disasters.  Just look at my lower row of teeth next time, Tom or visit Fukushima and take a gander: The “Experts” really nailed that one.

Finally, despite his repeated insistence to the contrary, I am not a member of a “democracy” but rather that of a “republic”; Mr. Nicols has a very Majoritarian Democracy vibe about him.  I am part of a representative democracy if you will, and this article seems to have skipped over this very important fact.  The fact being that our “experts” have painstakingly been disemboweling the document which was laid out (by experts, perhaps?) to ensure that elitist, socialist N.W.O. types, brain children behind such “pro-laymen” legislation as NAFTA, TPP and TTIP and by this I mean all Tom’s apparent heroes (none of whom are seen below) i.e. Huntington, Kissinger and, dear god, Brzezinski, seems not to upset him in the least.

"Nope. You got the vowel wrong."
“Nope. You got the vowel wrong.”

Why is this? Because being an expert presupposes that one has systematically gone through the ranks of said system and have been fully indoctrinated because if this does not occur said individual would be barred from progression.  If the system always favors the architects, and those architects are ever increasingly elitist “experts” then where, pray tell, does that leave the rest us; the laymen?

It leaves us enjoying our popcorn and cognitive-bias in the nose bleeds as we watch Rome burn, apparently.

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