gaijinassbanner“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” ~ Albert Einstein

It has taken me 35 years but at this point I have a fairly clear idea of who I am and what I want in life.  The scope of it all might surpass the twenty-five minutes I have here to post this, but what follows allows enough insight for the insightful among you to draw your conclusions.

So, all that having been said I will now post my ten New Years resolutions for this, oh so futuristic installment, we are calling 2014.

  1. My income will increase and this will be due to my small private business. I am not interested in earning money for others who essentially do the same thing as a pimp, yet are paid based on my efforts and my improved skill set.
  2. I will take Casey’s money, and that of many others, at the NLTexas Holdem table; again and again.
  3. I will publish (self publish; Simon and Schuster are too low ball for the likes of GJS) one of the two books I have been doing for two years; either CARVER or the NOVEL.
  4. My Champagne and Lobster Risotto will be the talk of the town, or else…
  5. I will absolutely have a pro fight in 2014; in an empty KFC or at the county fair, I don’t care. But I want back in the ring.
  6. This has to do with the aforementioned prize fighting: I will, I will and I will GET UP ON SCHEDULE AND DO THE DAMNED ROAD WORK AND CONDITIONING.
  7. I will not break the law. Seriously.
  8. We will be in CONUS in March. It is long overdue and I miss my friends and family there immensely.  I had to wait this long, because I required something intangible, but over the last six months somehow I found that thing and now I have to go back to see everyone.
  9. I will cherish and support my friends.  Living as a terminal expat, those who are your true friends become family.  I am unwilling to let scheduling conflicts or general nonsense interfere with spending time with people I care about deeply.
  10. I will take care of and protect my wife, whom I love and who reminds me constantly that I can choose to be a good man if I want to be.

My dream, for some time now nearly a decade, is to be independently middle class; this looming 2014 will be a step in that direction while I eradicate general calamity and strive for the next step in my dreamy direction “Independent Mediocrity”.

Wish me luck on my way to the very top of the middle and Happy New Year to you all.

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