Japan & USA: I’ll follow you into the dark.

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“What transforms this world is — knowledge. Do you see what I mean? Nothing else can change anything in this world. Knowledge alone is capable of transforming the world”- Yukio Mishima

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependant on it’s favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Rothschild Brothers of London

“From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” — Congressman Charles A.
Lindbergh Sr. , 1913

Wouldn’t it be spectacular if every quote you just read above was some fabrication of mine or someone else’s imagination? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in fact, the government of the United States and other governments internationally actually cared about their citizens, and by that I mean the average “Joe” and “Jane” or the average “Yusuke” and “Maiko” etc? Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was all somehow a dream that was just going to break into  so many pieces just  like so many peoples dreams have during the 30 years of wage stagnation and lifestyle deterioration in the USA, and float down some river, completely out of our control while we sit on the shore and silently lament all that has gone and what many of us can sense, even know is coming?


This is the deal.


You have two choices.

Get abused and used and hurt and wronged and beaten and worked over and broken…..


You can educate yourself, prepare, get ready, learn, fortify your life and your heart and your family and know whats coming next.

That’s as far as it goes right now unless you are willing to take it a step further, or a step beyond further. Although so many Middle class people, not in one country but in many, can feel that something is amiss, they are unable to identify exactly what that thing is, our programming has been done too well and the double think we have been force fed is performing it’s function with brutal efficiency.  People will snap.  People will use what they have available.

The good news, and I am a fan of the ever-present “silver lining” is that, people in the USA and amongst the international populace are learning more and more everyday.

This is not 1984.

This is 2010.

The mass media does not dictate what we see and what we do not, they try to, but we have backroads and paths through the under- brush to information unavailable to generations before us. We have options that people in the past, crushed underneath the boot of various, numerous repressive regimens would have never dreamed of. What is asked of us, what is needed is not the access to information…no. Information is all over the place. It’s everywhere.  IT is literally accessible in every little hole where someone once wrote something or published something or posted something online. What is asked of us is to detach our multi media life lines. We need to cut off our Matrix-like feeding tubes and go outside into the sunlight.  Is the sanctity of individual nation states worth preserving? Is this something we want, as the GENERATION THAT WILL COMMAND THE TIDE? There is no more time for excuses. People always lament that “I can’t do anything. I don’t matter.” But very soon you will. A paradigm shift is coming. What this means is that the time for a fundamental change in Global management is imminent. We, the PEOPLE, can either let that happen passively, or we can be pro-active.

It’s really THAT simple.



In recent days, Japan has intervened in the foreign currency market to artificially drive down the value of the yen. Japan’s actions to weaken the yen have driven it from 83 to 85.73 against the U.S. dollar. Most analysts in the mainstream media are portraying this as Japan’s attempt to “head off a deflation spiral”. Almost everybody is applauding Japan’s move, saying it was needed in order to “shore up its export-driven economy”.

Wait what? Yes. Japan ARTIFICIALLY lowered its own MONEY to make the DOLLAR Seem more strong. Now…what? Why? Read on….

The truth is, although Japan claims to be helping Japanese citizens with this move, Japanese citizens are the ones who will actually suffer. Despite Japan’s economy entering into recession last year, the Japanese were able to maintain their same standard of living because prices were falling due to their strong currency. Some of the largest Japanese exporters like Toyota and Sony saw their revenues decline last year by 20.8% and 12.9% respectively, but this was only bad for shareholders of these companies. Despite rapidly declining revenues for Japanese exporters, Japan’s unemployment rate only reached a peak of 5.6% last year and is now down to 5.2%.

5.6% actual compared to the USA’s 22% ACTUAL unemployment rate.
It continues….

Japan’s efforts to postpone a few Japanese corporations going through a brief but tough readjustment period are helping to artificially prop up the standard of living for Americans one last time. NIA believes that the Japanese better be careful what they wish for. Never before in world history has nearly every developed country been in battle with each other to have the weakest currency. Asian producing countries want their currencies to be the weakest so that they can have the honor of shipping their products to Americans who can’t afford them.

Is it only Japan? No. China, Chile, Brazil, Japan…the list goes on. Why would any nation do this? Simply put, if their currency, money, is weaker than the US dollar, it is easier for Americans, yes, the ones on Welfare, the ones losing their homes, the ones with almost nothing: it is easier for them to buy those other countries goods.  No, obviously these counties are not immediately concerned about America and imminent economic devastation that is rapidly bearing down on the developed world. What is the dominating factor in most market places and the primary institutions and power structures is the same thing that has lead us down a path of constant over comsumption: Pay day.  Now. Today. Now matters, tomorrow does not.  Hence our economy addicted to growth and disgusted by the concept of an economic system built upon ideals commited to sustainability.

Although China recently made the wise decision to allow the yuan to strengthen, they haven’t allowed the yuan to strengthen fast enough. China is now facing a price inflation crisis that will soon spread to the U.S. Consumer prices in China rose by 3.5% in August compared to one year ago, the largest increase in nearly two years. On a month-over-month basis (including seasonal adjustments), consumer prices in China rose by 4.8% in August over July.

Too late boys. I wonder what September was? Probably not good. Just imagine what Japan is in for?

Workers at a Honda plant in China recently went on strike over wages and work conditions. The Chinese have had enough of slaving in factories for $30 per week while Americans sit home on their couches, collect $400 per week in unemployment benefits, and consume the goods that the Chinese make. Chinese manufacturers are now being forced to increase the wages they pay to workers and these costs will be passed on to American importers of Chinese goods like Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart recently eliminated their “rollbacks” on grocery items in the U.S. Grocery prices at Wal-Mart rose by a shocking 5.8% in July from June. In fact, some items in Wal-Mart like a 36-ounce bottle of Windex and a 12-ounce box of Quaker Oats rose in price by 51% and 66% respectively in July over June. Considering that in 29 states, Wal-Mart controls more than half the grocery market, almost all Americans are beginning to feel the effects of massive price inflation.

A massive outbreak of price inflation is already taking place all around us, as Americans enjoy their final days of our artificial economy that is being propped up by China and Japan. Some people say China and Japan continue to buy and hold U.S. treasuries because of our overpowering military presence, but when they start dumping our treasuries and the bond bubble bursts, the U.S. military regime will come to an end. A U.S. societal collapse is coming

Is this fact or Fiction?
As far as I can tell, its sad, shit fact. Shit but none the less FACT.

Check it yourself. Do the research, but hurry. This tide is coming, and it is coming fast.


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