News in Japan today:

Kyoto Kiddy Porn

Authorities in Kyoto prefecture are considering passing laws banning the simple possession of child pornography.

For the uninitiated, the law in Japan regarding child pornography is sad at best. The existing law bans the production and possession of child pornography for sale, however it does not effect people who simply possess it. Whoever can have a stack of kiddy porn in his closet and it is not against the law. This obviously means that there is a market for these products and the Yakuza takes full advantage of this legal loop hole.

Japan has a somewhat unique stance regarding prostitution and this is something I find difficult to assault, however, the same organizations that control these institutions also take advantage of lax laws and a lackadaisical police (spray paint a poster of Tokyo’s Jackass Right wing fanatic Mayor Isshi and they will hunt you down, Child porn…mewww) force to engage in child prostitution and child pornography.

In addition, elements in the business and entertainment world have brainwashed entire generations of Japanese men and women with constant images of young girls depicted as sex maniacs as seen in interactive games like RAPELAY, and many other such games. Not to mention the standard everyday Japanese “Manga” or comic book.

The situation is reportedly getting worse. Based on a study done by the U.S. Department of State, prosecutions for sex trafficking, something with a direct correlation to Child pornography, went from 17 prosecuted cases in 2006 to only 12 in 2007. Identified victims, Japanese children, just in the first half of 2007 totaled 773. These are only the JAPANESE CHILDREN identified in a National Police Agency report. published large portions of the 2009 report in which it was discussed that “Fifty-six victims were elementary school pupils, up 70 percent from 2008, while 159 were junior high school students, an increase of 26 percent. Nine were preschool children, up 50 percent. ” Sadly this is likely simply the tip of a massive Iceberg.

Despite the National police forces claims at “cracking down” on perpetrators who are violently and regularly exploiting children, the reality of the situation is quite different.

In May of 2010, The Democratic Party of Japan blocked legislation that would make simple private possession of pornography illegal and criminally punishable. The DPJ insisted that “called for the definition of child pornography to be narrowed down”. The legislation was blocked on the grounds of “Privacy and Freedom of Expression.”

Both of these ideas are completely ludicrous considering the track record of Japan. Privacy in Japan essentially does not exist. It is standard for a woman sitting through an interview for new employment to be asked questions about her marriage, if she plans to have children, why she hasn’t had them yet and so on. The Police have every right to enter a private residence and completely ransack it if one has been arrested of a crime as simple as verbal assault or defacement of public property. Not convicted or even indicted, simply arrested. Privacy is not something close to the Japanese heart.

The secondary statement involving the proposed legislation that was turned down infringing on ones freedom of expression is equally, if not more absurd. If anyone anywhere is to be able to look at another man with anything other than disdain and distrust a moral imperative must be realized. Expression of what? One must express ones sexual interest in young children? Repugnant and absurd. Again, this is not about horny and physically unbalanced 17 year old’s in the bushes but rather young children.
How does that bar someones freedom of expression? The government in Japan is not interested in freedom of expression. Divulging someones past criminal record can land you easily in civil court for slander since you have infringed on someone else via your slanderous comments.
It seems very clear to me that individuals in possession of child pornography (elementary kids, people) are directly contributing to an ongoing criminal enterprise. They desire these materials and the Yakuza provides them, in fact it is a major cash crop for these organizations. These children do not upload pictures of themselves tied up and sodomized for fun. That is not what 10 year old’s get up to. These images are made by criminals to make a profit. The children and the harm done to them are simply “Collateral Damage” (more sanitizing language like the term used to search for these materials on line: not Child porn but “lolita“) in the mind of these gangsters and apparently not much else in the Minds of the Politicians, who are connected with the Mafia, that bar the legislation necessary to protect them. Japan or the USA, if you went online and began emailing state secrets or private corporate information, charges would be pressed. Freedom of Expression has boundaries and a fundamental one would be collecting and viewing videos that directly OR indirectly contribute to the sexual abuse of kids.

The Lawyer who brought the legislation before the DPJ, Keiji Goto, said at the end of the proceedings that “The only people who will be pleased at the failure to pass this legislation are pedophiles.ā€
A shame that ISN’T the case, in reality, complex underground criminal organizations and politicians and police with their hands out will also be quite pleased.

Hence the potential passing of productive and meaningful legislation in Kyoto barring Private possession being a ray of light illuminating a grim and dim situation.

However, with wordage such as “Kyoto may ban child porn outright”…..I am left feeling dubious. Very Dubious.