Love in Japan


A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel found around the world operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy for sexual activities.

Love hotels are everywhere in Japan.  A lot of people continue to live with family well into their thirties and people need a place to get their freak on.  Love Hotels provide such a place and this is not a new story.  However, in my travels on foot around Ikebukuro I have made some interesting discoveries and there are mysteries I am trying to figure out in order to write about them.  Some include the Yakuza, some the Triads, some the Cops, legions of homo-erotic loving female teenagers, some bizarre “ghost” properties and the connections these have with the aforementioned groups.  One thing I have found without a doubt, Ikebukuro is a strange and unique place.  The tour is starting here:


This is about half way down “Heiwai dori” or “Peace Street” just north of the north exit at Ikebukuro station. It’s peaceful in that the street is laid in red brick and I have never seen any of the prostitutes, who lurk in every corner, beating each other up. Peaceful. This might have something to do with the police presence in the Koban at the southern and northern ends of the street.   Aside from a tolerable little bakery, a curry shop and a couple of bars there isn’t much more on this  street except for  “working hotels” and by that I mean hotels the pros take johns to.

Let me explain, being snarky, I had planned to title this “7 great spots to take hookers to in Ikebukuro”.  But due to my uh, journalistic integrity, I could not in all good conscience do this.  Why?  Most pros don’t meet clients in the Love Hotels I will show you on here. You can see them going into and leaving the very bland and often shabby establishments that don’t even offer a “Stay” rate.  It’s always a uniquely Japanese sight to see some hooker bowing to the gentleman she has just finished with and them both exchanging the same language Salary men and Office workers use when finishing a meeting or the work day.

I am not here writing a step by step on finding hookers in Ikebukuro.  You can find info on that here or here.  But I take this route a couple of times a week to and from the gym located on the East side and it’s never a boring walk.  It also ties in well with some other things I will post about in the near future.  Consider this a warm up.

So if you are coming south up Heiwa Dori from Ikebukuro’s north exit take a right onto a smaller black asphalt street where the map indicates.  Walk to the second right and turn again.  This is what you will see.


We can start by taking a look at “Hotel Room.”



Reasonable rates for the young couple.  I doubt much “resting” transpires, however. Nice VIP room.


Little tacky Las Vegas creeping in here but one will not miss “Hotel Casablanca”. Of this I am sure.  Rates? Amenities?


But of course.  Not sure what that blender like object is there for.

Next we have “Xavier’s School for gifted Youngsters…”


“…and people who just want to have sex a lot.”


There are many smaller hotels on the strip but these are the exclamation points visually.  At the end of the strip there is a run down no frills type joint used by the professionals and to the left, the tunnel under the road, which looks like a secondary location for a scene out of IRREVERSIBLE.


I have tipped my hat and bid a good evening to several ladies of the night waiting for someone on my way home from the gym passing along this little street of dreams.

Now, why would someone purposefully take this filthy walk several times a week?  Other than this being the fastest way from door to door, home to gym, once we pass through this alley and turn left going up the steps, the view regularly has me standing and staring again, even after ten years, inspired.


Check back for the tour will continue. And it just gets weirder.

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Pick up Girls using the CARVER Matrix 2

“Don’t focus too much on getting with her, just focus on getting to THE NEXT STEP.” David DeAngelo

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In the first post in this series we applied the CARVER matrix on a strategic level to determine the area you should be operating in if access to the inner female sanctum is something high on your “to-do-list”. When you get serious about PUA, or anything else that really shouldn’t be something anyone “gets serious” about, then you can apply the same principles utilized by the US military and Special forces in their planning procedures.
It is important to first look at things Strategically. Once you have a concept and the broad strokes so to speak, then you break things down tactically. Although this warrants and really deserves its own independent post we haven’t that sort of time because hey, there is porno to watch and gossip to read so to broadly outline the shift from Strategic to tactical look at the following examples. Pretty please….

  • Strategically you think of a broad concept/ Tactically you focus on the day-to-day operations.
  • Strategically you consider the general direction/ Tactically you consider what vehicle you will use.
  • Strategically you wonder how things get connected/ Tactically you organize exactly what needs to be connected.

A very broad yet simple way to say this is that “Strategy looks at the what and why. Tactics look at the how.” The CARVER Matrix can be used when making decisions involving both or involving one but not the other.

So, back to our theoretical mission “Panty Droppage” and its designation “Gamma-2-0-Sierra-Nevada” or colloquially “Get 20-something year old Nooky” we have established our location.  Let us assume, just to speed things up that you have run various venues through the CARVER Matrix and have decided to converge upon “A971″, a fairly hip yet dully crowded business eatery/bar.  You have chosen this bar based on criteria that you defined to fit yourself considering on the type of women you will be targeting: 20 something year old office workers, yes the infamous “OL” (or money grubbers, don’t worry this mission is about subterfuge not your bank balance.)

Appropriately, you have put on a suit and tie. Nothing too dressy but enough to give you an ambiguous look.  You could be a finance guy, a teacher or a drug dealer.  You could work for the embassy or you could live with a host family. You could be homeless. You could live at an internet cafe.  There is no way to tell. The point is that you have worn the proper camouflage. Remember- you do not wear desert cammies in the Jungle.

You have further employed the use of Model based decision-making in order to determine the type of girl. Strategically, you want someone relaxed with possibly very flexible moral boundaries.  Tall would be good but not “tranny” tall and the office lady or OL vibe is really doing it for you.  Another prerequisite is that she be drinking alcohol with a pace often reserved for those dealing with a death in the family, yet not with the all-consuming passion that wraps itself around hard-core, genuine drunks.  You would like the first thing she drinks at your place in the morning to be a cup of coffee, not a left over luke-warm beer or the half-liter of Stoli she puked up the night before.

Just take our word for it on this one….just take our word.

After getting into the “vibe” and having a couple of gin tonics you spot the one.  She’s standing sort-of toward the rear of the bar that is situated in the center of the first floor, the blue glow emanating from the bar flattering, making her facial features that much soft and ultra-feminine.  She is with one friend which works well because you, being prepared and motivated, have brought a trusty wing-man along to help facilitate mission accomplishment.

The approach is simple, straight forward. Move in quickly, do not hesitate and open. You have received one casual look from her when she came in and no form of clear disgust seemed apparent.  Once you’re within speaking range, this is when you move to the tactical application of the CARVER model.

Your potential opening lines have been listed as follows:

  1. What’s your name? (eye contact, slight smile)
  2. Do you want to come to my home with me? (totally serious, sexy eyes)
  3. Sorry I’m late! (said in Japanese “Osokute Gomenne!” playful and smiling)
  4. Cheers! (glass held high “Konpai!”)
  5. God, you have a nice body baby. (looking her up and down, licking the lips….yours not hers…yet)

We are aware that these are not the only “lines” available to you however, for the sake of this post please, follow the script.  Now, let’s run these slick play-boy pros through the ever efficient and de-humanizing CARVER model.

Your opening line C A R V E R TOTAL
Opener #1 7 10 6 8 7 7 45
Opener #2 10 3 9 2 5 3 32
Opener #3 7 8 8 7 8 8 46
Opener #4 8 10 5 8 5 8 44
Opener #5 9 5 8 3 4 7 35

And the winner is….OSOKUTE GOMENE! Sorry I’m Late! with 46 points this line narrowly has passed Whats your name? and Cheers!

The rational is as follows: For overall Criticality this line is rather reserved but decent enough. You have entered the targets sphere of consciousness if you weren’t there already. If delivered properly with the right combination of humor and confidence you have shown them that you are funny, fun, have Japanese language ability and you have left things slightly ambiguous which is very good. While the two “tangos” are giggling about your silly yet effective opening line you can then follow it with Cheers! and then Whats your name?


The “secret” to this line scoring high points is its moderate success in every computational component of the Matrix. Line #2 Do you want to come home with me? scores a perfect ten in Criticality making it Stupendous (yes, Stupendous) because IF this tactic is effective you will be in a taxi in 10 minutes and hopefully engaged in hot perfection love-making within the hour. However Opener #2 does not receive a high score because of very low totals in Accessibility, Vulnerability and Recognizability. It would likely be difficult to access the right combination of insanely good looks, brutal suavity and diabolical amounts of charisma in order to use this tactic. In addition, most women in the bar would not be vulnerable to such a frontal assault and finally, you have never done this before. Never before have you bathed in the sweet sexy glow of mission accomplishment via employment of this tactic. This means the tactic is unfamiliar and strange. Difficult to wield it correctly. Conversely a Cheers! or Sorry I’m Late! is something all of us have said before.

OK. I recommend you read other CARVER posts on the site to further familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of this system which is infinite in its applications and then you can take an entire Saturday afternoon calculating your assault on Japanese women-dom.

While reading this regarding pick up in Japan, if you have never been to Japan and done this please understand there are some cultural differences that apply. Some parts of the script that work well here would result in a horrific “crash and burn” effect in a place like say “Kabul” or “San Francisco”. The actual tactics are flexible and contingent upon your area of operations.


Go back to part 1


Read more about Model Based Decision making VS your Gut and Rush Hour Drunk Girls by Gaijinass.

Pick up Girls using the CARVER Matrix

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“If you want to increase your chances of success with women, create situations that lead to these situations.”
David DeAngelo quote

At some point starting during the end of the Vietnam war, the United States special forces began developing a Target Acquisition system that would later go on to be used in the post 9/11 world as a valuable and hyper effective Risk Assessment tool in the war on terror. This tool is the CARVER matrix.


-Recuperability (Return)

The dynamics of this system have allowed numerous governments and agency to pre-empt attacks and identify weaknesses in their own systems. It is helping stop terrorism…

…and that’s just great.


….that is not going to help you get in the panties. So, with that thought in mind, we here at Gaijinass have decided to turn our laser like intellects and the power of the CARVER matrix to the task that matters most to the people likely reading past this sentence.

Model based decision-making such as the CARVER matrix is awesome because it eliminates something that invariably screws decisions up and that’s your emotions. It removes them from the situation. You might think you’re smooth and have all the answers but the reality is that you don’t. In fact, what little information you do have is likely counter productive, your “intuition” or “Spidy sense” as you like to call it didn’t help you with that case of herpes now did it? Your defunct inner compass is why you’re still booty calling  that fat chick you met at the Indian Curry buffet from last Easter…and she STILL smells like curry. And that’s fine because we all agree; Indian curry is awesome.
But it’s time to crawl out of your gutter though and let that little light of yours shine.

Go ahead, Hold it high for all to see.

Now, for the purpose of this simulation, we are going to make a few assumptions to keep things streamlined.

  • You are not 50-cent. You’re not Mystery. Nor are you Orlando Bloom.  Conversely, you’re not Carrot Top either. You are an average or slightly above average looking normal guy. You have average to slightly above average game.
  • You are not a crippled beggar on a skateboard. However, you’re not having your Ferrari shipped over here either. You are financially middle class or near that area.
  • You have an average to well below average wang (except for all writers and contributors to this Blog, in which case “diabolically small” might be more appropriate), that is connected to a ferocious sexual appetite with the destructive consumption ability of “The Nothing” from The Never-ending story. Which, by the way, FUCKING ENDED!

"Never-Ending, my ass."


Location Location Location.

It’s true, this is important. Sure, you can just go wander around the grocery store and if you’re there long enough at some point you will meet a sad “divorcy” buying microwave dinners and you might have a shot at a hand job in a filthy Piggly-Wiggly toilet. But if you’re serious about meeting women that DON’T have a plastic appendage or HAVEN’T ever been penetrated by their “sweet lord Satan” then you need to stop hanging out on the sidewalk in front of that mental hospital waiting for someone that doesn’t wear diapers.

Gaijinass currently runs operations out of Tokyo “WTF” Japan so the locations I am going to name and run through the omniscient CARVER Matrix are places an aspiring gentleman or persuasive scumbag might go to make time with a nubile young J-girl. The following locations are:

Target Rich Locations C A R V E R TOTAL
Roppongi 10 10 9 8 9 9 55
Shibuya 8 9 8 8 8 9 50
Shinjuku 7 9 7 7 7 8 45
Ebisu 6 6 4 4 5 7 32
Ikebukuro 7 8 7 7 7 5 41

Based on the Matrix above (sounds fucking cool right? MATRIX) , Roppongi has been awarded the highest points for location. Let us briefly discuss why this is and the considerations made for each component within the system. And I mean briefly. For a long explanation on each component go here kids.

Roppongi is well-known as a foreign culture center in Tokyo and attracts many ex-pats nightly. This in turns attracts the Japanese women intent on meeting them.  Locations to drink, socialize and drink more abound.  So, for total Criticality, Roppongi received the maximum amount of possible points.    It received the same for Accessibility because you could go any night of the week and there will be women drinking there that will immediately have an interest in you because you are not Japanese.   Recuperability (return) scored slightly lower due to the fact that because it has this magnet like quality of foreign guys you will have competition. Although, a scimitar wielding monkey wearing a dead baby for a hat could get phone numbers, the number of women left to drag home at 4 AM will be limited.  Have no fear though, by comparison, you have a much higher chance of whisking home some drunk skank there than in the other locations.

Vulnerability received fewer points, in fact the same amount as Shibuya because the level of difficulty will likely be the same and the amount of time needed to insure your one night stand will also likely be about equal. However it should be less difficult than for example Ikebukuro where you would have to go to 2 or 3 bars and then all night karaoke forcing her to miss her last train insuring she will vomit in your home toilet before passing out so you can -ahem- “pleasure” her at your drunken convenience. 

Effect was high yet again because just the act of you making your sorry way to Roppongi will drastically increase your chances of mission accomplishment i.e. “Panty Droppage”.   Recognizability got high points because you have to be a fool to not see where you should go to talk to women in Roppongi.  Unlike Ebisu for example, the girls in Roppongi are there to PARTY.  They want to drink, have men buy them drinks and then probably chug some cock. The signs are easily Recognizable.

Again in this case, Model Based decision-making and its results run against many a seasoned J-girl hunters instincts.  Many men here, very driven PUA (pick up artist) avoid Roppongi like the plague but most of these motivations come from emotional responses or personal biases.  If those are fairly well removed its clear Roppongi is the place to go.

Read part 2 here.

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More Crazy Japanese Video Games.

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What is Sexual is what gives a man an erection…If there is no inequality, no violation, no dominance, no force, there is no sexual arousal.

-Catharine MacKinnon

Ah…..RapeLay, how popular art thou…let me count the ways…

A lot of you people have found your way here while searching for the now infamous PC game “Rapelay”.  Shame on you.

Now…I have been trying to find a good copy to download myself for sometime but as of yet, no success. What I have found are some other VERY intriguing (read: FUCKED) games from The land of the Rising sun.

レイプ!レイプ!レイプ! (Rape!Rape!Rape!)
Yes, the title is Rape!Rape!Rape!
Charming…I know.
Normally, I only get to read these words in a Police report, usually alongside one (or more) of my friend’s names. You know who you are!
This game doesn’t have the advanced Machiavellian story line of Rapelay, however reviews seem”good” overall.

Hayashi-Kun (Mr. Hayashi) said…

This game is much more kinky than even much more expensive games.
Essentially, there is no story, but the main character (you) can walk around freely, meet women and, rape them.
Its quite simple.
If you are hoping to improve your real life kinky skills/sex skills by studying this game, it is good for that as well. The CG is very good and you can enjoy watching it.
Finally, although it is just my opinion, I can say that if you are a very pure hearted person, then this game will be hell for you but if you hope to use this to masturbate, I give it 5 stars.

However, another customer didn’t feel so satisfied….

Basically the main character in this game is insane. His heart was broken by a woman, and now he has a lot of anger, so, he rapes women. I really connect with and understand this, because I often feel the same way. Although the Game title “Rape!Rape!Rape!” is really good, I think it would be more appropriate to call this game “Life is meaningless so Rape people.”

“She is an Anal SLAVE~Revenge of Chastity~

I know, I agree: If I played games, I WOULD NEED THIS GAME.  Particularly if I had decided to give up on life.
The message on the left side of the Box says, “I want to suck your ass, then fuck you.”. I’d say that essentially sums up a good Tuesday evening no?

Mr. Asashi had some thoughts about the game…

Well, I really enjoyed it. Although it is a bit cheap, so the story is rather short, the sex scenes are very detailed. I found that I could learn a lot about how to train a woman, like training a dog or a horse, it isn’t so different. I think this game really taught me that if you train your girl, you will have more fun. In my opinion, the price is a reasonable match for what this product delivers.

Mysterious Thief Lolita & you ~
Confinement, Restraint, Torture Play.

First, apparently, the two girls in this game are 18 years old. Allegedly. Look, I am as lost as you are, I assure you. Now if I can JUST find my roommates credit card….

The green message scrolling down the left side of the box says something along the lines of “Omaetachi mitai ni waruiko ha…CHINPO DE OSHIOKI DA!” Let me translate that for you: “You two bitches are such bad girls….IM GONNA PUNISH YOU WITH MY COCK!”  I guess these guys knew my wrestling coach.

Mr. Mazuki from Kanagawa city said….

So, you have to work hard to catch these two 18 year old girls and then, work hard to nail them. The two girls are totally different. One of them is so sweet and obedient, but her sister is a foul mouth piece of slut trash. If you manage to clear all the levels completely, you can get your favorite SM option with the girls. Now, if you are serious about SM, this game might not be for you. However, if you have a Lolita Hobby or complex, you should surely purchase this game!

Now those are the ones that I felt I could actually post a graphic of, without GOD literally ripping open the Heavens, reaching down and turning my crotch into hamburger and black sadness.  I didn’t even put up purchase links (oh wait, I did. Damn those black outs where I wake up and odd, random chores have been accomplished…in blood!) because doing so would give Satan permission to punch me in the dick before he’d send me to my own private hell: Roommates in a closet sized apartment in West Virginia with Channing Tatum.
The following is one, well, I just couldn’t put the photo up, I know I am on my way to hell but there is no reason to buy an express ticket. Anyway this is just the game name and the slogan :

いもうと妊娠2~淫・胎・悶・絶~My Little Sister, Pregnant~PART 2! Phrase:

“Older Brother PLEASE! put it in my Pussy more!”

I really do my best here, I mean, I just posted a charming little entry about Sakura and Hanami and how lovely it all is. However, this, how can I turn my back on THIS!?!?!

Don’t kill the messenger…we have tried to warn you. Sweet Japan, the wonderment never ceases.

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Sex scandal Tae Satoya

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Tae Satoya
Tae after winning
gold in Nagano

In honour of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games I’d like to talk about the sex scandal odyssey of Tae Satoya 里谷多英. Once the darling of Japan Satoya won the gold medal in the 1998 Nagano Olympics and bronze at the 2002 Salt Lake City for the sport of moguls.

Moguls is the one where skiers navigate their way down a ski hill with large bumps while doing back flips, oh and its timed.

In 2005 while riding her fame she was taken into Roppongi police custody at 3:00 AM because she started a fight. Apparently she was politely asked by the club bouncer to dismount from the “cute, young, blonde Caucasian” she was having sex with on the VIP sofa and snapped, later being carried out by police like a, “sack of potatoes”.

Nothing was reported at the time but a month later a tabloid magazine unearthed the account and scandal blew up all over Japan. Even though she had denied that sex had taken place the mainstream media jumped aboard going so far as publish her ski photos of her doing a spread eagle jump.

Tae Satoya
Headlines screaming
Drunken Sex!

Averse to bad publicity Satoya was called into the headquarters of the Japan Ski Association and with no lawyer, coach or representation of any kind was banned from the sport for a year. Feeling she was not punished enough for something that she denied ever happened she also lost her sponsorship from Fuji TV.

Fast forward to 2010 and Satoya has been allowed to compete again for Japan, although the media go through great lengths to avoid mentioning that she is present at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Even though she is the best chance for a medal placing at Vancouver the Japanese media team refuse to give her anything but the minimal coverage possible and instead focus on another mogul skier Aiko Uemura (上村愛子).

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Long story short: I have an extra room in the basement and I rent it out to  desperate people, students and vagabonds.  Currently it is occupied by a couple. American guy -23-, and a Japanese girl -23-.  I left my room to get a piss and heard the following as I froze in place to ease drop……

Dude:”You have ha new boyfriend?”

J-girl:”Whats dis?”

“I want to sleep.” This was followed by some assorted moaning.

“Whats dis?”

“It’s my day off…I want to sleep.”

“Whats dis??”

“iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” just him shrieking.

“You like dis?”


“Whats dis?”

“What are you doing? Don’t touch that.”

“Feeling good for you?”

“iiiiiiii i wanna sleep don’t touch that.”

“You day off. Whats dis?

More moaning.

“Can you pee on me?’ He asks her.


“Please…” he enunciates each syllabub super clearly. “Pee.On.Me.”

“Can I pee to you?”

“Yes can you pee on me?”

“Can you pee on us?” She sounds confused. He laughs, moans then moans again, in what sounds like agony.

That was it. Then I went to the toilet. So who wants to move in?

When viewing Japan from abroad myths are often made out of half told stories, things lost in translation, or things you heard from cousins boyfriend’s brother. Here to dispel some of these myths is the, “List of Myths about Japan”

Weird Japanese Buildings

Japanese cities are expensive places to live

In July 2009 the Mercer consultants listed Tokyo and Osaka as the 1st and 2nd most expensive places to live in the world, knocking Moscow and London out of their top tier places. But this is a little deceiving because to determine their ranking Mercer looks at things like hotel rates, Starbuck Frappachinos and of course currency rates. So if you’re a travelling business man staying at a four star hotel, going to a restaurant by limousine while drinking a Frappachino, of course your stay in Tokyo in going to be expensive. It will be even more expensive if you’re from America because the beating your dollar has taken compared to the yen. However if you live in Tokyo in a reasonable priced neighbourhood, earn Japanese Yen, and buy food at a supermarket, Tokyo is not expensive at all, in fact down right reasonable.


Japanese kids are respectable students

Picturing students in Japan brings images of impeccably dressed kids in smart uniforms seating politely in their chairs while listening with great respect to their Sensei (Teacher in Japanese). A visit to your average Japanese public school will quickly dispense of this myth. Japan’s schools are like most schools around the world with their share of troublemakers, class clowns, and brown nosers. What makes it worse in Japan is that for a variety of reasons the national educational system has decided that kids can’t fail and so barring a child decapitating another student (It’s happened) they’re just passed on grade after grade regardless of academic performance. And the kids know this and act accordingly. Now what is different about Japan is the different kinds of schools i.e. It is determined at a young age through tests and parent’s influence the child’s future. Children are split into science, trade, or art schools. Kids who don’t fit in any of these categories are sent to “sport schools” which basically have a good athletic program for sporty students but also a lot of rejects who are there for the school to baby-sit them until they graduate; preparing boys to become day labours and girls the finer points of becoming a house wife. As you can imagine these schools probably have the worst discipline problems but in all of the schools you have great teachers that inspire students and command respect and then kawaisou (pathetic) teachers that let the kids get totally out of control.
Beer Vending Machines

Beer vending machines

If you’ve come to Japan for the fabled alcohol vending machines you’re going to be out of luck. Sure I’ve seen them here and there but 99% of them are in controlled establishments like bars, clubs and sometimes movie theatres. Apparently ten fifteen years ago they did exist outside on the street but with the huge amount of convenience stores that sprung up everywhere alcohol has moved inside, where a bored clerk can judge if you’re of age. Now they do have cigarette machines everywhere but they have recently moved to a system where tobacco vending machines scan your ID to make sure you’re old enough to smoke. So this could mean the return of the beer vending machines with ID scans but for now you’ll have to make due with 7-11.

Girls in Japan

Gaijin luck with the ladies

Japanese ladies almost have a mythical status with foreign men (foreign=gaijin in Japanese). Rumours abound overseas that Japanese girls have such a fetish for foreign men that they’ll sleep with anyone fat, ugly or creepy doesn’t matter. What is true is that most young Japanese women don’t have western girl hang-ups or Christian morality barriers when it comes to sex. One of my friends said it best when she said Japanese girls don’t have shame, it’s not in their culture. However, this doesn’t translate into any foreign guy getting laid within 10min of meeting. It does convert into a good looking guy having a better chance of getting lucky but that is true everywhere for good looking guys. But in Japan “hot” guys are more likely to be just used for their exoticness and then discarded by the Japanese girl. But that makes it seem like I’m saying that, Japan has more of a percentage of women who want to sleep with foreign men. This is not true, in Japan it’s a numbers game. Take greater Tokyo; it has a population of 30,000,000 people, more than the entire population of Canada. If just one half of one percent of these seek out foreign men that’s still almost 100,000 women hanging out in about a 100 locations where foreigners are loitering! Of course you’re going to get a better chance in Tokyo!
Salary Man

Japanese are like hard working ants

Japan has this reputation of its workforce slaving away like ants from dawn to dusk for their company hives. Outside of the public sector, which like civil service workers everywhere leave their offices after exactly 8hrs of work, this is generally true. Japanese workers do work long hours but they’re not doing anything! Now new, young workers do work a lot but that is due to an elaborate hazing ritual prevalent in most areas of Japan. But established workers do work long hours without working. They stay because Japanese culture forces them to stay until their manager/boss/supervisor goes home. Foreign managers always complain about how their biggest problems in running Japanese companies are making workers go home after they finish their work. Now don’t get me wrong some sectors i.e. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, bankers do work long hours but these professions work long hours all over the world! Your average salary man in Japan is an expert at looking busy while doing nothing waiting for the boss to go home.
Japanese TV

Japanese TV is crazy weird

Japanese TV is pretty crazy but you have to understand that normal people don’t go on TV. Prime time TV is dominated by what the Japanese call TARENTO (From the English: Talent) or what we would call in the western world B and C-class Stars. Just image that every TV show in America was like Hollywood squares, that is Japanese TV. Those crazy game shows, or weird obstacle courses that nobody wins, their contestants are all the same people, these Japanese Tarentoes. There are exceptions but by and large those people getting electrocuted, thrown against walls, or almost drowned are part of a small group of people that do it for a living. The crazy thing is that when they compete for money they really compete for the money! Celebrity Jeopardy or celebrity Wheel of Fortune back home has actors donate the money to some sort of pet charity. In Japan there is no such thought, these people compete to win the money for themselves!
Geisha in Japan

Geisha myths

Geisha those Japanese women dressed in intricate kimonos, white pancake makeup with sculpted hair are not high end call girls or prostitutes. Even in Japan there is some confusion of what exactly Geisha girls do. This confusion was borne after World War II when during the American occupation Japanese prostitutes dressed as Geisha or just said they were Geisha to attract clients, something that in the highly stratified culture before the war they would have been forbidden by law to do. In Japan the Geisha’s purpose is to entertain their customer, be it by dancing, reciting verse, playing musical instruments, or engaging in the art of conversation. They train for years to perfect their skills and their clientele, while probably lusting after them, in typical Japanese fashion are amused by the illusion of that which is never to be. The situation is further clouded by another much, much larger group of women and men who basically do the same thing but wear “normal” clothes, and makeup, the world of Hosts. Hostesses (girls), and hosts (men) also offer services such as singing, conversation, and drinking but some of them do offer sex for money where as real Geisha do not.

Japanese are a rich people

It’s easy to see how this myth was created. During the bubble it may have even been true. In America and the west during the bubble there was a definite concern that Japan and its people were going to buy up the America and the world. This fear translated into a number of American cultural phenomenons, think the first Die Hard movie and the Nakatomi Plaza tower or Sean Connery as a Japanese Expert in Michael Chrichton’s Rising Sun. Even now Japanese tourists travel the world in style. If they’re skiing they have on the most expensive gear, if they’re hiking they have the best gadgets and clothes which of course are all new. But Japan has a lot of people and a certain amount of them are rich and do travel this way. In the same vein Japan also has as many poor people as other industrialized nations, people who work in Macdonald’s or your local convenience store for minimum wage. However Japan’s super poor and homeless are generally out of sight and out of mind. A Japanese taboo against begging keeps them off the street corners and a generous social safety net in Japan keeps their numbers limited. About the only place you’ll find slums in Japan are the eta or burakumin (Japan’s version of the untouchable in India) neighbourhoods in Osaka. So Japan has poor people but you just won’t see them unless you know where to look.

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